Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ticket Rant

Anyone who follows this blog can't help but notice that I go to a lot of concerts. Music is one of my favorite things to spend money on. But why, I ask, did the revolt against excessive "service charges" never take off? I buy nearly all my concert tickets online (is there another way?) and I routinely pay $10 per ticket in "fees." We don't go to a box office staffed by a human, so what, pray tell, are we paying for? God bless places like the Fillmore where on Sunday afternoons you can still secure fee-free tickets.


Mike Cactus said...

No kidding lets start the revolt!!

Kim said...

You, me and Eddie Vedder!

hinder90 said...

Whining about Ticketbastard's service fees is so 1996. Now it is about them pushing TicketsNow inventory when tickets aren't even sold out.