Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Have I mentioned how lovely this place is? It's really spectacular and the weather couldn't be more ideal. It's in the high 80s, clear sky, lots of sun and a nice breeze.

My very "busy" day.

The Dead Sea

I arrived back in Jordan on Sunday morning and headed down to the Dead Sea yesterday. It's about an hour south of Amman and about 20 degrees warmer. At the urging of my colleagues, I decided to splurge and I'm spending several days at the Movenpick resort, which is right on the sea.

The sea at sunset. Right after I took this, I headed into the water, which is incredibly salinated making it unable to do anything but float. The water also feels a bit oily, like many people went in wearing too much sunscreen. Those shapes you see in the photo are people bobbing in the water.

My room.

Tea this morning on my balcony.