Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SF Tourist Advice

Because my new office is downtown, at lunchtime, I go for a run along the Embarcadero. This puts me into the path of lots of tourists. Disclaimer: I love tourists. I will go out of my way to offer advice or give directions just so the tourist will see how friendly it is here. That said, there's no reason to go out in public with a neon TOURIST sign plastered to your forehead.

10. Don't wear those bright colored fleece jackets with SF logo. You obviously didn't know that San Francisco is cold, foggy and windy a lot of the time and were forced to make this purchase at Fisherman's Wharf.
9. Don't take public transit during rush hours. You will be annoyed and so will we.
8. Don't wear socks with sandals. This makes you not only a tourist, but a foreign tourist.
7. Don't put your camera around your neck. I can't believe people still do this. Over your shoulder or across your torso, if you must, but wearing a strap around your neck is dangerous for you AND the camera.
6. Don't wear shorts. We just don't.
5. Don't see the homeless people. I don't mean self-consciously ignore them, I mean just don't see them. I know. This is bad. Very bad. It happens.
4. Do walk a dog. Borrow mine, if you must, but this is a sure-fire way to fit in.
3. Do use a cell phone, ear buds, headphones. People here don't communicate much anymore. They're plugged in, turned on and tuned out. Again, bad.
2. If you're a guy, don't wear cropped pants or a sweater around your shoulders. See #8 above.
1. Don't call it "San Fran" or "Frisco." You will be mocked - either to your face or behind your back. "Ess Eff" or, better yet, "The City."

Fellow San Franciscans? Any worthy additions?

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heidi said...

Oh spot on. couldn't have said it better myself.