Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Peeing on the Floor

Someone's peeing on the kitchen floor and all I know is that it's not me. This has been happening for several weeks. Sometimes it's a little puddle. Less often it's a big puddle.

Gin is 13. Maybe she's starting to have bladder control issues. Her dog-walker now comes just twice a week instead of every day. Is she having trouble holding it while I'm at work?

Arthur is almost 3. I've had him for a year-and-a-half. I don't keep his litter box particularly clean, but it never bothered Cleo. And why, after all this time, is it suddenly not good enough?


Margie in Oakland said...

Aiden is almost 3 as well, hmmmmm, very suspicious.

heidi said...

Having lived in the same home as one u were in charge of kitty litter box....hmmmmm......let's just say cleo was a saint and I wouldn't blame Arthur if it were him.....
Maybe they doth protest your recent absence?