Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Anniversary

On Sunday, Mom and Dad threw themselves a darned impressive 40th anniversary party. The food was incredible, the setting was beautiful and the company was perfect.

Shaelin took a lot of photos. Here's one of Mike.


The table - complete with personalized M&Ms in fall colors.

Shelly (aka flower girl), Mom and Aunt Penny.

Kim giving a speech - as usual.

Shaelin and Dad.

Brian was coming down with a cold.


Leslie said...

How fun! Times like this are when I miss living in Wisconsin the most. Looks like the party was a huge success. Wish we had been there.

Anonymous said...

hi Kim, So great you are getting to travel so much and see your family. That's awesome!

BTW, I'm due in late December. Ron offen answers your questions in the comment section of our blog but I told him you probably don't go back and look for the answer there. Dude, email much? just kidding. -Julia

Anonymous said...

oops typo 'often.' i do know how to spell. i'll blame it on preggo brain! (: -julia

Anonymous said...


Cool pics. I love the one where you're giving a speech. Delivering the KC care factor, I'm sure.

- Ron