Friday, October 10, 2008

Pandora Radio

I'll admit it. I'm slow to embrace new technology. I think it scares me.

At my friend Matt's urging, I checked out Pandora Radio this week and I'm in love.

For a music fanatic like me, it's like all the Christmases and birthdays of my entire life rolled into one.

The concept is simple: create your own commercial-free radio station. You enter the names of songs or artists you like and Pandora serves up dozens of old and new favorites. If you like music, visit Pandora Radio today!

(Gosh. They should hire me to do a commercial.)


tb said...

heidi said...

Clearly I'm slow to embrace technology and further it shows I'm such a fuddy duddy as I'm thinking - when would I have time to do this? Bahhhh....