Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mystery Solved?

Not quite.

Thanks to everyone who voted on the pee-on-the-kitchen-floor issue. It looks like my faithful readers believe it's Gin. However, I'm afraid to announce that after spending nearly $1,000 at two veterinarians (more on that later ...) I'm really no closer to knowing who's doing the deed.

The cat vet thinks it's Arthur because ... well ... acting out is just something cats do. On her advice, I bought Anti-Icky-Poo. No kidding. That's the product's name. I washed the floor with it, hoping to remove any trace of urine smell. For a whole week, it worked. No pee on the floor. Problem solved? Not quite. Yesterday and today brought me fresh puddles. Big ones. And, yes, the litter box is clean. Suggestions?

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Jessie said...

Hi Miz Kim, I'm sorry you're having pee pee probs at your pad. We use a similarly awesomely-named product called Ur-In-Control. It works OK. I've heard that some cats' impulses to pee or fight can be calmed by these plug-in devices they sell at pet stores that give off pheromones. My cat pees on the couch when we leave town. We have to put tarps over them. Cats are weird. Good luck, Jessie