Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Review

Overall, I thought the Oscars were pretty boring. I was particularly disappointed by co-hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Or more accurately, I was disappointed the writers didn't make use of their talents. James was dull, dull, dull and Anne was trying too hard to compensate.

That said, here are some other thoughts:

Best dressed: Gwyneth Paltrow. The dress, the hair, the makeup, the jewelry. Gwyneth was born to be a movie star.

Most deserved and runner-up to best dressed: Natalie Portman looks great pregnant and the dress was gorgeous! Plus, she rocked my world in "Black Swan."

Best guy: I know I'll take flack for this, but I adore Mark Ruffalo. I'm thrilled to see him getting the credit he deserves. And, boy, is he handsome or what? Plus, he's from Wisconsin!

Best moment: Florence Welch and A.R. Rachman performing the nominated song "If I Rise" was pure magic. Her voice even silenced the party I was attending - not an easy task.


Margie in Oakland said...

1. I love Mark Ruffalo. Love him. Sorry BZ.
2.Gwyneth was stunning indeed, the singing...well, whatever.
3. Franco was a bore, cute but a bore.
4. I want Steve Martin or Billy Crystal back.

TommyG said...

I enjoyed the Oscars last night, probably more than you and Roger Ebert did. Yes, the telecast was uneven at times, mixing the old with the new, the young and old. The opening montage was put together very well and thought it was very clever. I'll agree with you on Franco, other than dressing up in a vintage Marilyn Monroe gown, he did nothing as an emcee. Anne Hathaway would be good teamed up with Billy Crystal.
As for best dressed, my vote goes to Mila Kunis wearing the lavender gown. Sorry but, two thumbs down on Paltrow, what happened to her lately?
Most of the winners were shoo-in favorites, that was obvious, but would of liked to see Geoffrey Rush win for "King's Speech", thought he was better than Bale. So glad Melissa Leo won, after losing a few years ago for her role in "Frozen River". Glad she spoke it like it is. My highlight of the evening, the Lena Horne tribute..."It's not the size of the load that matters, it's how you carry it!" That's how I saw it last night. Good night KC! UT

mom said...

I personally liked Anne Hathaway's opening gown. She looked sooo "old Hollywood" glamorous. My second favorite was Gwyenth Paltrow. She indeed looked stunning. But I agree she ought to stick to acting! Thirdly, Hillary Swank 's dress was absolutely beautiful. But what about Oprah?? OMG...I thought she'd "bust wide open" during her speech! All in all the show was boring. But I think it would be the most difficult show to host. I don't know whom I would choose to MC next year.