Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moth Infestation

Have you ever laundered every single item in your closet - in one day? That's what I did on Monday after letting a moth infestation get out of control.

The little buggers are the size of a large mosquito and when they're in the larval stage, they can wreak havoc. They ate holes in about 10 sweaters - five of them cashmere, one of them lowly cotton - and a wool scarf.

I emptied my closet, did eight loads of laundry (two in gentle cycle), took nine sweaters to the dry cleaners (they're giving me a bulk discount) and filled my cedar chest with other clothes and a "Moth Away" chemical bomb that looks (and smells!) like a urinal cake. I also bought new plastic storage drawers and zip bags for sweaters and dresses. And the exterminator is stopping by tomorrow.

Oh, but doesn't my closet look nice?


Michelle said...

Your closet looks fab! But I am mourning the cashmere sweaters. Can a tailor help? Moths ate my fave wool jacket once and a needle whiz did a fairly good job of darning.

Margie in Oakland said...

So sorry, what a hassle. I am impressed by your organized closet...