Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My friend and mentor, Tad, who lives on Maui, received the very prestigious lifetime achievement award from the Washington Press Club last week. Of course, I simply HAD to be there to provide a friendly face in the sea of about 500 people who attended the annual event. (Helen Thomas won last year!)

Tad and her old friend, Laura, who came from NY for the big event.

Jesse, my old friend from South Carolina, is now the president of the press club and helped organize the event. It was great to see him.

One of the big thrills of the night was meeting Miss America. I was very disappointed to learn her crown is studded with crystals, not diamonds. Among the other celebrities in attendance was Clarke Peters of "The Wire" and "Homicide" fame and Ted Danson.


Mike said...
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Mike Cactus said...

Is Miss America Jay Leno's daughter???Holy chin!

Margie in Oakland said...

How old is she? Miss America, I mean.

Congratulations to Tad. That is just awesome, she deserves it.