Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Car Part II

I caught a glimpse of a really cute car today and then I realized that's MY CAR!

I'm embarrassed by how much I like my car. I feel really silly and really American. My dad asked the other day if I've slept in it yet. No, I haven't gone that far, but I did dream about it last night. I dreamed a big white truck passed back too close and scraped the heck out of it.

This is ridiculous, I know. But I feel like a grown-up with this car. I also feel guilty when I stop at the corner with a panhandler. Before, I was like ... "Dude, look at this car. I don't have any money either." Now, I feel like the new car screams, "Look at me. I'm a new car. This chick has LOTS of money."

Who knew a new car could elicit such confusing emotions?


brother brian said...

good for you.
car = status.
you're not a loser anymore!
roll down your window just enough to throw pennies at the homeless!

Margie in Oakland said...

Its a consumer culture, hop on board! Hey really, you've got a cute practical car, with great mileage, keeps you safe...Yay!!!!

Mike your Brother said...

Welcome to the dark side you american consumer.....conrats..beautiful car!

Anonymous said...

Kim's slippery slope of personal responsibility starts here. Next thing you know it will be rare steaks and rap music.


- Ron

Dad said...

enjoy it ,live it, life is great...