Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rob Lowe

I was never a big Rob Lowe fan. He was a bit too pretty for my tastes, but, boy, has he aged well! I digress.

I reviewed his new autobiography for AP and found it fascinating! Read more about it here.

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Dear Kim Curtis,

I think you might (or might not) be interested to know that Rob Lowe was not telling the truth about his meeting with Liza Minnelli in his memoir. There were three of us kids there that day; Michael Wantuck, me and Rob. I had been staying with Michael as a companion while he was performing the title role in OLIVER in Columbus, OH with The Kenley Players. Rob had come up to Columbus that day to audition for Michael's Manager at an open call. Since Rob and I were friends from Dayton, OH, Michael and I invited him to stay the night with us. While asking Rob's mom to let him stay the night we found out Liza had checked into our hotel for a performance at the Ohio State Fair. The three of us followed a bellhop up to the 20th floor, where Liza's luggage was dropped off. None of us knocked on her door. We sat on a bench across the hall from her suite until eventually Jack Haley Jr. (who was not yet married to Liza) opened the door. At that time Mike Wantuck (Later a top-ranked platform diver who dove against Luganis)introduced himself as "Oliver from The Kenley Players production with Vincent Price playing down the street at Veteran's Memorial Theatre". Jack told Liza and she said to send Michael in. Upon entering her suite Michael asked if his friends could join him, at which point Rob and I were also invited in. We did end up hanging out and eating chocolate with Liza and Jack. (Her assistant brought in 2 grocery bags full of candy very soon after we got there.) Liza dumped them on the coffee table and we all had a great time.

Just thought maybe you'd find it interesting to know that the story from his book has had considerable license taken with it. Rob in no way instigated the meeting and was not the focus of Liza's advice and conversation. She spoke with all three of us equally but it was Mike that brought it all about. You still wrote a great review and it's just like Rob to try to rewrite his history - especially from the Dayton years. He definitely was as driven as you say, even then.

Kim said...

This is a fascinating story. Thanks. But why not sign your post?

Noel Sheaffer said...

I've never commented on a blog before. Not aware of the protocols. I thought my hotmail account would be enough should you want to contact me and was afraid to have my name out there as I was just trying to communicate with you. But my story is the truth so I guess I've got nothing to hide.