Monday, August 23, 2010

The Red Cafe

Linda and Holden, my trusted brunch partners, and I knew only we wanted to try someplace new. As usual, Yelp came to our rescue. The Red Cafe is in the heart of the Mission and serves both Mexican and American breakfasts.

I had the chilaquiles and was not disappointed. Somehow, they tasted light and healthy. I also had a side order of the highly recommended fried plantains. Those were fine piping hot, but as soon as they cooled down a bit, they were incredibly greasy.

Overall, though, it was a great experience. I can't remember the last time I had such friendly and attentive service. The place was packed with a diverse crowd and the ambiance was cute and cozy. Despite a line outside, we didn't feel rushed. Oh, and did I mention the prices? Excellent.


Linda said...

Indeed it was a great place. I plan to go back soon.

Margie in Oakland said...

Wow! Great I wanna go.