Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Rest

While I'm excited to be in a new place, I'm taking the advice of others and plan to spend today resting and reading a book for fun!

The view from the spa.

The whirlpool at the women's spa.

I spent most of the afternoon in this spot reading my book. It's only in the mid-70s outside and a bit blustery, but the heated pool was bathtub warm.

My late-night cold Mezzah dinner _ hummus, baba ghanuj, labaneh, moutabel, tabouleh, fattoush and stuffed grape leaves. I also ordered a bottle of Jordanian white wine. If I'm doing the conversion right, the whole thing cost about $28.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your peaceful day!


Bobby the k said...

I cannot even pronounce the name of the food you're eating. Great that you had a relaxing day,enjoy while you can.