Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Heckfield Place

Day Two of Training - I can't believe how tired I am. We're outside much of the day and the weather is beautiful. Crisp, clear and cold - much like you'd imagine an autumn day in England.

Heckfield Place, while grand on the outside, is less than spectacular on the inside. It was originally built in 1790 for some rich guy's daughter. Lucky her. Thankfully, my bed is extremely comfortable and covered with a luxuriously warm duvet, which is good because the English don't seem to believe in heat.


persimmongirl said...

i'm sorry i wasn't totally candid with you about what happens on the idyllic grounds of heckfield place... hang in there!

Bobby the K said...

Pics are very nice,I wonder about the comment from persimmongirl. Makes me wonder what was meant by that...Bobby The K.

Olga said...

Hi Kim,
I love your pictures! Keep yourself warm: I remember those cold days in London... When I asked for an extra blanket, they did not give it to me. What a strange way of making people feel comfortable!