Saturday, September 15, 2007


Business-class. Ahh! Unfortunately, I was too amped up to enjoy the fully reclining, extra-wide seats despite the free champagne.

I arrived in London about 7 a.m. and made it to Jean's place in Islington (NOT pronounced like 'island' I found out) about 9 a.m. We immediately headed out to the S&M Cafe for a traditional English breakfast. Surprisingly good, by the way. We then explored Jean's fabulously quintessential English neighborhood before meeting some friends of hers at a very hip hotel bar.

Jean left for Seoul about an hour ago for a family reunion and I'm relaxing in her flat.

Only a few minor difficulties today:

a) getting money. Apparently, my brand spanking new company credit card doesn't work here. Thankfully, Jean lent me some cash, which I will sorely need as I just paid about $18 for a light dinner of take-out Vietnamese food and $6 to rent a DVD. Whew.

b) letting people pass on the right while walking down the sidewalk. Strange the things you never think about.

c) looking the correct way when crossing the street. I MUST be careful.

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Margie in Oakland said...

Kim! Great to see evidence of you. I miss you already.I wanted to send you off with a going away present but thought a knit scarf would be a bit much given the weather.Keep up the updates...