Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Ramen Girl

I watched a really cute movie last night starring Brittany Murphy. I'd seen her a few times before and liked her - despite my better judgment. It was only last night, though, that I realized she's the blonde actress who died a few months ago. So sad. She really had a Julia Roberts-type, movie star quality. I can't recommend The Ramen Girl for its insightful intelligence, but it's a lighthearted, fun romp made all the more enjoyable by its star.


Single Guy Ben said...

Oh, I had that briefly on my Netflix list after she died because I didn't hear about this movie and then I thought, oh, Ramen! But then after awhile I deleted it because I lost interest again. Should I put it back? Was there lots of shots of ramen?!

Kim said...

It's pretty schmaltzy, Ben, but cooking ramen is front-and-center. And she's really charming to watch.