Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hell's Kitchen

Last night, I watched Hell's Kitchen. I usually enjoy this show, despite the meanness because I truly believe that, underneath it all, Gordon Ramsay is a good guy.

But what is up with these cast members? First, is everyone who works in a kitchen homely? Second, do they all smoke like chimneys? Third, don't these people have an education, one that teaches them to speak properly? Are these really the kind of people who are preparing my fancy food?


mom said...

I have always watched this show as well. But I am getting tired of the same type of contestants they pick as "future" chefs! I guess two of the prerequisites is that they have to smoke and know how to swear...alot!

Mike Cactus said...

yes they are. I also believe that "fight" on the first episode was staged. Obviously an actor. Who goes on the show not knowing that Ramsay is going to go off on you? I still love the show but you got your angry black woman, your gay guy, your backwoods longer-haired guy, your fat guy, angry guy. Still a good show and F.Y.I. Suzanne is from Milw.