Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I usually avoid Bay to Breakers. Every year, tens of thousands of people -- many of them drunk and stupid -- descend upon my neighborhood for a street party disguised as a 12K foot race. They leave tons of garbage, urine and other unmentionables behind for me to "enjoy" for days afterwards.

But Brian wanted to experience it, so we headed a few blocks down to watch the "parade" go by. There was a valiant attempt this year to ban alcohol and alcohol-transporting floats, so the event was tamer than usual. And it was HOT! So there seemed to be more naked people than usual -- also officially banned.

While there still were many drunk people -- passed out by noon -- the city says their garbage haul was seven tons lighter than last year. Wow!


mom said...

Wow...sounds like quite an event!! Sorry I missed it..

Mike Cactus said...

Garbage was lower? -Must be the economy.