Sunday, April 12, 2009

Highlights ... in no particular order.

The food.

We enjoyed a lot of really good and really cheap Mexican food. I became a big fan of the breakfasts.

"Street food" also was fantastic and even cheaper! These ladies were whipping up gorditas, tortas and other yummy fried concoctions.

The kids. A lot of really young parents had a lot of really young (and cute!) kids.

The house. Laura's place was fantastic! Great location. Great outdoor spaces. Beautiful, modern and functional. Check out her Web site for rental information.

The friendship. Molly and I met years ago in Alaska and never got to enjoy so much quality time together. When Brian picked us up at the airport and commented on the fact that after 11 days we were still laughing together ... we weren't surprised.


David K. and Ann C. said...

Great photos! We've been living vicariously through you this past week.

Single Guy Ben said...

Looks like a really fun vacation. You can't beat street food!