Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random Shuffle

On her blog, Linda listed the first 10 songs that popped up in her new iPod shuffle "no matter how embarrassing or obscure." She tossed down the gauntlet and I shall do the same here. One of the truly beautiful things in life is when a supremely good, yet totally random assortment of songs pops up. I'll hope for that here.

1. Man of Gold by Neil Diamond. (His "12 Songs" is a masterpiece. Really.)
2. Up All Night by the Waifs. (The last time I saw them perform, the two sisters were both pregnant. They've since had their children and are back on the road, touring.)
3. Call to Love by Crooked Fingers. (I got introduced to this great band through CD group.)
4. Territorial Pissings by Nirvana.
5. Me and You by Kim Richey. (This album, "Rise," is a great introduction to Kim.)
6. Bird Stealing Bread by Iron & Wine. (After this appeared on Linda's mix, I bought the album.)
7. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face by Coldplay. (OK. I admit it. I love Coldplay.)
8. The End by Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. (The first time I saw him perform was one of the worst ... no, it was THE worst concert I've ever seen.)
9. Hoddi Hlustadi by Sigur Ros. (I need to get more of this band's albums.)
10. Evening on the Ground (Lillith's Song) by Iron and Wine.


linda said...

Now I know someone is reading my blog!

heidi said...

Okay - I saw Neil Diamond is touring. I'm quite sure you are a closet fan. I am game to see what the draw is if he comes around here....what do you say?