Friday, April 11, 2008


In 1992, I drove from Milwaukee to Anchorage. Instead of immediately heading north, I went west to Seattle, then north. The plan was to shave off a couple days of driving in Canada where gasoline was more than $2 a gallon. My, how times have changed.


Anonymous said...

hi kim. i remember being in europe in '96 and everyone said better to take the train then rent a car since gas is $3.50. It's shocking! and i think we need better public transpo! -Julia

Jessie said...

Hey Kim! I cannot believe how expensive gas is these days. I'm sorry you have to drive more than you used to. (As a former 2-hour-per-day commuter, I know this pain well). By the way, i saw the music you're listening to. Isn't Band of Horses great? They remind me of Supertramp, which is a good thing. Hope to see you tomorrow at the brothel, I mean, karaoke bar.

Mike Cactus said...

Man I thought the 3.50 in Milwaukee was bad.. I put $86 in my tank yesterday and it didn't fill it!!!!!