Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Last April, I saw Ryan Adams perform at the Palace of Fine Arts and it was - bar none - the worst concert I'd ever attended. Thank God Tod provided free tickets. Ryan was so drunk he could barely stand. He started many songs, but finished few and he spent more time rambling to the audience than singing or playing.

After hearing he's now clean and sober, I took a chance and went to see him last night at the Herbst Theater. It was like night and day. He and his band sounded phenomenal. They played song after song after song. Downsides? The stage lights were so low, you couldn't see anyone's face. Every song was a slow song, few of which I'd heard before and Ryan refused to interact AT ALL with the audience. It was like watching a movie.

I hope he finds his way to the middle.

(photos courtesy of myspace.com/ryanadams)

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tb said...

And you didn't see him backstage, chugging French wine straight out of the bottle (his contract rider specified French wine, not California wine).