Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The River

Spent a long, luxurious weekend at the Russian River and enjoyed some much-needed socializing, sunning and silliness. High points: meals prepared with love (and MUCH talent!) by friends, 5:30 a.m. board games with Monisha, freshly washed hair courtesy of Monica, floating in the bathtub-temperature water with Tom and www.decorativecrap.com. Laughing hard is good for your health!

The River

Three Ms: Monica, Mati and Monisha.

Hugh at work




Margie in Oakland said...

I'm so jealous. Its just what you needed and I am envious. I am sitting in my hotel at the Detroit Airport looking at the pictures of the Russian River. I don't have a view of the runway but I could get upgraded if I asked.

Linda said...

Next time we will have a child/family friendly option, Marg...I may be needing one too...

The picture of Georgia is the best!