Friday, May 11, 2007

11 May

I couldn´t resist. I decided to stay in Hvar an extra day. I moved out of my villa this morning and into a mere sobe (room.) I've included a photo with my new view. (middle photo) I've also discovered several 'new' beaches where I have spent most of my time lately. The weather could not be more idyllic.

Yesterday evening I watched a dance recital in the main square. I oohed and aahed with the grandmothers and mothers. Very pleasant. I should have used my video feature on my camera. Oh well.

Very early tomorrow I leave to meet Jean in Split.


Vicki said...

I got back last night and wish I was there (although looking forward to a SANDY beach tomorrow).
I should be working, but had to check out your blog instead.
Guess who I ran into just docking in Trogir as I was heading to my plane. THE BOYS. The boat is still floating and they took a day to dry out (not from the weather)....We all had a laugh and I have a picture for you.
Wish I was there with you. Send me your email address so I can follow up.. in case mom is reading.
Just kidding.
Miss you,

christine said...

Your pictures are so enjoyable. I especially like the one with the view from your toes! And what's this about "mom may be reading?" What's that about? Ran into the "boys?" "They needed a day to dry out?" Sounds very interesting indeed.... I'm only kidding. Glad you are having a god time. Love you, Mom

mike said...

Wow first time checkin this out. Trip seems fantastic. Nice pics!!!
Im glad youre having a great time although I'm sure it will pale in comparison to your Milwaukee trip this summer!!!

Talk to you soon.
Brother Mike