Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Virgin America Virgin

I had no idea Virgin America was so hip! My neighbor, Patti, flies for them and she hooked me up with an almost-free RT ticket to Orlando, so I really didn't care if I had to sit in the lavatory the whole way ... but ... wow!

The purple and pink "mood" lighting, the flight attendants dressed in black and my personal "entertainment system" with episodes of Law and Order - what more could a girl want?

My favorite feature, though, was the on-screen food and beverage ordering. No cumbersome and annoying carts going up and down the aisles. Instead, you place your order at your seat and it's delivered to you on a tray. Nice touch!

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Margie in Oakland said...

Wow. I had no idea. Virgin (the international one) is not like that at all, or at least, it wasn't the last time I flew it. Makes me wanna travel virgin style...