Monday, April 12, 2010


Tucked in an inconvenient spot near 16th and Mission, Starbelly is a really pleasant-looking restaurant with beautiful wood paneling and great fixtures. (Holden especially liked the lighting.) Linda, Liz and I tried it over the weekend on the advice of food blogger friend Single Guy.

Linda had chiliquiles, Liz had stratta and I enjoyed fish tacos. Oh, and Holden had french fries. My one complaint was that the menu was very meat heavy. Their pizzas looked delicious and the next time I go back it will be for lunch.


David K. and Ann C. said...

Sounds great. And I love that Single Guy's blog led to your blog posting. Now maybe one of your blog follower's will try it out and blog about it?

Single Guy Ben said...

I'm glad you made it out there. It's a nice addition to the neighborhood. Did you sit in the garden? I liked how your interior photos turned out. As for the menu, it changes so maybe some times it'll be more meaty than veggie. My vegetarian friend didn't have problems finding something to eat. I think the pizza is OK but not amazing. (If you like Beretta's pizza, you'll probably like Starbelly's).