Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Old Clothes

I usually steer clear of overtly political topics here, but today I'll make an exception. I recently started volunteering with a pre-release program at San Quentin. It's about reducing recidivism by sending guys back out into the world with a bit more than a grey sweatsuit, $100 and a bus ticket.

Part of what we do is provide parolees with a set of clothes for the day of their release. If you have laundered men's clothing - in any size - that you thought about tossing, turning into rags or giving away to Goodwill, let me know. We'll take it.


Liz S. said...

We have two corduroy blazers and maybe some other clothes to contribute to the cause.

Margie in Oakland said...

What a cool thing to do. You ought to FB post this.

Ron and Julia said...

Hey Kim,

Julia is in the Bay Area for the next three weeks. You should grab a bite with her, or at least say hi to my babies in person!

I can give you her cell # if you want to say hi to her while she's there.