Friday, November 21, 2008

Produce Market

Brian has discovered one of SF's few bargains -- produce!

He walked to this market at 4th and Geary and bought a big bag of lemons for $4. He said those same lemons cost him $1 a piece in Milwaukee. Too bad we're still paying $2.25 a gallon for gas.


Margie in Oakland said...

I saw gas for 1.87 in Tracy. Too bad I had a full tank.

mom said...

That is a lemon deal! Ours here just went down to .75 a piece. There is no way I'll be making any lemonade for awhile. Gas today is at $1.83. I can't believe I filled my car for a mere $30.00...

Leslie said...

Here in Oklahoma we're down to $1.57. Seems like it's going down every day. But fruit is expensive, you've definitely got that on us.

brother brian said...

wait a minute!
i bought ten lemons for TWO bucks!
why all the lemons you ask?
my infamous "lemoncello".
if you don't know....ask somebody.