Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer in SF

Don't ever visit San Francisco in the summer. Really. July is the worst. It's cold and windy and foggy. The poor tourists show up wearing shorts, thinking, "Surely, it will clear up." It doesn't.

Georgia and I went up to San Anselmo, about 40 minutes north of here, to hang out with Elyse in the sun.

On the way home, as we drove back into the fog bank, I asked Georgia to try and capture the weather on film. It's pretty tough to do.


Margie in Oakland said...

We drove across the bridge on Saturday, from Oakland toward SF and it was really depressing. From the sunny East Bay to banked-in fog. If it makes you feel any better, I think the entire area is freezing cold today. Stupid July.

Anonymous said...

As we sit on our patio on a warm summer's night in GA, listening to the crickets and watching the fire flys- without sweaters- I can honestly say, the weather in SF is one thing I don't miss. -Julia