Monday, March 24, 2008

Rooftop Bar in SF

Beth and I soaked up some serious sunshine yesterday. First, we spent a couple hours at Zeitgeist (yes, it was my THIRD Sunday in a row!) then we walked over to Medjool, a place that's generally too yuppie for my tastes, but the spectacular views from their rooftop bar/restaurant (and Beth's uncanny ability to snag the best table in the place!) made it all worthwhile.

Check it out here


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! I love Zeitgeist. Your post made me think about going this weekend, but the weather forecast is looking pretty dreary. I guess in San Francisco you have to take advantage of those rare warm weekends. -- David

Mike Cactus said...
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Mike Cactus said...

Im jealous!!! We are expected to get 6-12 more inches of snow thurs. after last thursday's 15 inches..The record for the most is 109 inches set in 1885! We are like 12 away from beating it!!!!!!!!!Mil-rock-city