Sunday, December 2, 2007

Flesh and the Devil

Is that not the greatest movie title ever? Greta Garbo was BEAUTIFUL! Didn't I know this? Linda took me to see this silent film courtesy of Tod and it was really, really good. Of course, the organist at the Castro made a huge difference. It's pretty amazing that a film made in 1926 is still good today.


tb said...

"It's pretty amazing that a film made in 1926 is still good today."

Hmm. I'm going to get a little cranky about this. It's a gigantic misconception about silent movies that they are somehow passe and irrelevant in the modern world. Is THE GREAT GATSBY still good today? George Gershwin's RHAPSODY IN BLUE? Few would call either of them dated or "quaint," but both were produced in the '20s. But movies of the time get treated as a bit silly, which is why, I suppose, silent movies are relegated to cult-ish festivals (though the Silent Film Fest itself is guilty of fetishizing them more than a little bit, too). Sorry -- I'm sure you're not used to arguments in your blog comments, but I feel very strongly that a "silent" movie (of course, they're NEVER actually silent -- they are always accompanied by music) seen in a theater as you saw FLESH, can be a pretty transcendent experience and shouldn't be nearly as rare as it is these days.

Anonymous said...

I loved it too! Silent movies are awesome.